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MoFi Edition LS3/5a Speakers Front
MoFi Edition LS3/5a Speakers Front With Grills
MoFi Edition LS3/5a Silver Badge Crossovers

Falcon LS3/5a MoFi Edition Loudspeakers

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“I now understand what makes these speakers so special with vocals and intimately recorded instruments. It truly is a 'once you hear it, you understand it' situation.”

- Drew Gagliano, The Audio Beatnik - Read More

Hand-built in Oxford, England by Falcon Acoustics, the MoFi Edition Monitors are a limited run of the legendary LS3/5a speaker. Manufactured under license from the British Broadcasting Corporation and built in accordance with their rigid specifications, Falcon speakers are the only LS3/5a on the market that faithfully replicates the original BBC design published in October 1976.

Available in an exclusive Black Ash cabinet and utilizing Falcon’s proprietary hand-built drivers and filter networks these speakers offer not only a stunning fit and finish but a sound that will make you swear you’re in the recording booth.

System type: Two-way infinite baffle (sealed box)
Frequency response: 70Hz - 20kHz ± 3dB
Sensitivity: 83dB for 2.83V © 1m
Nominal impedance: 15 ohm
Bass/Midrange Driver: 138mm Falcon Acoustics B110 - Graded and Computer Matched.
Tweeter: 19mm Falcon Acoustics T27 - Graded and Computer Matched.
Crossover: Falcon Acoustics FL6/23 (BBC Design) Graded and pair-matched components throughout.
Crossover Frequency 3Khz: 3Khz.
Cabinet: Selected grade Baltic Birch Ply, Beech battens, internally damped.
Dimensions: 305mm H x 190mm W x 165mm D
Weight: 5.35 kgs each