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In the late '60s, The BBC's Research Department at Kingswood Warren set out to develop a speaker to emulate the acoustics of their legendary Madia Vale Studios. They needed something small that sounded accurate and open while still going down to 70hz.

After extensive research, the fully imagined BBC LS3/5a emerged, and only about 20 units were produced. The original monitors employed The KEF B110 midrange driver and KEF T27 tweeters designed by non-other than Falcon's own Malcolm Jones.

Shortly after the success of their first speaker, the BBC Design Department was tasked with creating a small commercial-made speaker. The result was the now-famous BBC LS3/5a. Produced in small batches to maintain quality control with outside suppliers, the LS3/5a title is closely guarded to keep authenticity. Any speaker claiming to be an LS3/5a must follow the BBC's precise design and sonic specifications to be licensed and considered an actual BBC LS3/5a monitor.

In 2014 Malcolm Jones and Jerry Bloomfield set out on a quest for perfection. After pouring over Jones' original notes and spending years sourcing the correct parts and processes, they have developed what we consider the most faithful version of a contemporary BBC LS3/5a speaker. The KEF B110 and KEF T27 have been faithfully recreated as the Falcon B110 and Falcon T27 down to the smallest detail. Paired with Falcon's original transformer-style BBC specced crossovers, these speakers are an LS3/5a in their truest form. While there are several available options on the market, few get you as close to the legendary sound as a Falcon. 

Falcon B110 Drivers 

Hand Crafted, Then & Now.
Behind the grille, you'll find identical technology used in the original LS3/5a design. Falcon's hand-made in the UK 5" Bextrene Falcon B110 drivers are built using the same surround, spider, magnets, and metalwork found in the original KEF B110 SP100 drivers. We do mean this literally; these parts are still being made today exclusively for Falcon by the original manufacturers that produced the drivers used in the first LS3/5a loudspeakers.

The Best Bextrene.
Staying true to the design of the original KEF B110s, Falcon searched for years to find the perfect Bextrene manufacturer willing to re-make the material to the original specifications. Now thanks to advances in modern production techniques, Falcon's Bextrene supplier can produce precision CNC calendered rolls of their proprietary cone material that have a perfectly consistent material thickness all the way through, making Falcons B110 drivers the highest quality and closest tolerances to any B110 drivers produced today.

Every pair of drivers is computer matched and graded to guarantee the highest quality and consistency. 

Falcon T27 Tweeters

Remaining just as faithful to their tweeters Falcon's mylar treated Omni-directional T27 Tweeters are also manufactured by the same company that produced KEFs T27 SP1032's. The 19mm diaphragm is made especially for Falcon with identical coatings to the originals.


In 2020, Falcon announced their new Gold Badge crossovers. Mounted on Falcon's multi-layer FL6/23 printed circuit board, the upgraded crossovers are hand-built using enhanced BBC specification large transformer-style inductors, specially designed capacitors, and ultra-low inductance resistors. The previous Silver Badge crossovers are still held in high regard with the audiophile community. 


All LS3/5a cabinets are sealed box design hand made in Britain from specially graded Baltic Ply, using premium grade Beech fillets crafted to exact BBC Specification. Falcon Cabinets come in a variety of natural wood veneers and are finished with a Tygan Cloth front grill.

LS3/5a Models