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Mastersound BoX Integrated Amplifier
Mastersound BoX Integrated Amplifier
Mastersound BoX Integrated Amplifier

Mastersound BoX Integrated Amplifier

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Parallel Single Ended "Class A" Handmade in Italy.

The BoX is a Class-A, single-ended, 35 watts per channel, EL34-based vacuum tube integrated amplifier handmade in Italy. Built using Mastersounds world-class power transformers, The BoX is a feature-packed integrated amplifier that boasts outstanding build quality, thoughtful design, and splendid sonics that far exceed its price tag.

In the 1950s, Cesare Sanavio graduated as an electronic expert with a thesis on output transformers in tube amplifiers. His work in designing and installing church sound systems in Brazil, Chile, and Paraguay inspired his son Luciano to begin building tube amplifiers. The family returned to Italy. After fifty years of experience in designing and building audio systems and refining the construction of his special amplifier output transformers, Cesare and his sons founded Mastersound. The first Mastersound amplifier, the 2-11A, achieved universal acclaim as a new reference amp.

Upon Cesare’s retirement, Lorenzo and Luciano continued, and by the end of 2015 created the new Mastersound. Now headquartered in Arcugnano, in the province of Vicenza, we are united by the same profound passion of Cesare Sanavio. Lorenzo has also since retired. Luciano Sanavio (Production Manager) and his team continue to create output transformers with unmatched bandwidth values that are recognized worldwide for their quality. The team’s new partner and CEO, Antonio Ferro, has a significant background as a hi-fi dealer of the best quality brands. Our goal is to continue producing the finest quality tube amplifiers on the market, hand-made in Italy, for the world’s most demanding high-fidelity enthusiasts.

Power: 2 x 35 Watt
Tubes: 2 x ECC802 - 6 x EL34
Input:  3 line + Phono MM
Output:  1 line
Load Impedance: 4-8 ohm
Output Transformer:  Mastersound
Bias: Automatic
Negative feedback: 0 db
Remote: Optional
Dimensions (WxDxH): 17" x 16" x  7.2" | 43.6 x 40.9 x 18.5cm 
Weight:  53 lbs | 24 Kg